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At our dental office, we pride ourselves for serving our patients in West Hempstead, Elmont, Franklin Square, Garden City, Malverne and Valley Stream, by using the latest cutting-edge innovations during this explosive period in the dental care industry. By tapping into every aspect of all the research and development in dentistry within the last 20 years, Confident Smile Dental is poised and fully-trained to work on children, adult and senior smiles. Offering a comprehensive menu of general and cosmetic dental procedures and enhancements, Confident Smile Dental can also provide orthodontic and restorative services for all of its patients, as well as a wide assortment of cosmetic procedures, including veneers and several forms of teeth whitening.

Confident Smile Dental PC in West Hempstead, NY

Human nature dictates that most people won’t contact a dental office until they really need one. In the majority of cases, it takes a fairly serious toothache or a gum infection to necessitate a harried phone call to a dentist. That’s why we will always gravitate toward preventative maintenance and continuing care rather in lieu of opting for the last-minute emergency approach.

Sifting through all the options looking for the best dental office does not need to be stressful. The initial question you need to answer is what type of dentistry do I need or desire? If you’re considering a cosmetic dental procedure, a sage decision is to locate a dentist who specializes in the particular service or product you require. At Confident Smile Dental, we specialize in modern general and cosmetic dental procedures and our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re in need of more serious dental care to fix or repair issues with your teeth or gums, our professional dentists can act quickly and definitively to alleviate and treat the problems that exist. The first step is to sit down with one of our dentists and determine a care plan. Your dentist will explain all of the options available to you and assist you with your decision on selecting the best treatment.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call us today at 516-564-9444.

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