Tooth whitening is a widely-accepted and safe form of cosmetic dentistry. Different forms of teeth whitening include laser teeth whitening and Zoom teeth whitening. Our teeth begin losing their bright white appearance immediately when our baby teeth fall out and are replaced by the adult teeth when they grow in. As the individual gets older, their adult teeth will normally get darker due to a wide range of varied factors. As we age, the mineral makeup of the tooth goes through a gradual transformation, causing its enamel to lose its porosity. Teeth will also become stained over time by things such as bacterial pigments, certain foods, cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whitening is an approved way of re-establishing the natural tooth’s color. At our practice in West Hempstead, our laser teeth whitening system enables patients to reach remarkable results with a minimal investment in time. In many cases, there will be a huge improvement after just one hour session.

Whatever method you select, all of the teeth whitening procedures offered at Confident Smile Dental are entirely painless and will consistently produce spectacular results. The finished product will outshine the most hard-to-remove stains out there while whitening even the most discolored teeth. With a suitable oral hygiene strategy designed specifically for you and coupled with regular office visits to our office in West Hempstead, your whitened teeth will remain looking lovely for many years to come.

To find out more about West Hempstead teeth whitening at Confident Smile Dental contact us at 516-564-9444and start anticipating a more beautiful smile right now!