By focusing on a complete dental health plan designed specifically to your son or daughter’s particular needs, we’ve developed a reputation for being a premier children’s dentist. By acutely focusing on the overall health of the child and promoting preventive dentistry for pre-teens and adolescents, we provide all our young patients with all the skills they’ll need to avoid further problems down the road.

By brushing their teeth twice daily and using accurate strokes, children can avoid issues with cavities, advanced caries, and related serious periodontal diseases in the future. By embracing flossing methods that feature frequency and a specific pattern devised for their individual requirements, kids will live happier lives with healthier teeth.

Utilizing all of the latest technological advances in general, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry, we tap into all of the latest and greatest to provide exemplary cutting-edge services for all our patients. By becoming adept at using the latest techniques, supplies, and utensils, we’re able to anticipate potential dental issues before they become both harmful and costly.

We know that kids don’t normally gravitate toward going to the dentist, and that’s why we strive to provide a safe, encouraging and comforting environment for our juvenile patients. All of our pediatric dentists are trained and experienced in educating and guiding children through every stage of dental care — from their initial checkup all the way to their 18th birthday.

To set up an appointment for your child, call us at 516-564-9444 or by fill out our online appointment form.