With the advent of lasers as a leading modality in the dental industry, more and more dentists are using them on a daily basis for a safer and more comfortable dental treatment for millions of patients worldwide. For convenience, effectiveness and consistently outstanding results, laser dentistry is a superior method for almost every form of dental application.

By offering dentists an additional level of accuracy and control, laser dentistry is also lauded for its speed. Laser dentistry can also eradicate the need for pain-killing anesthesia, avoiding disproportionate bleeding and eliminating post-surgery stitches. In addition, by using laser dentistry, tissue damage is minimized, alleviating the risk of infection and reducing the overall time needed for recovery.

At Confident Smile Dental, we also offer WaterLase, a laser dentistry treatment that effectively cuts enamel; the hardest tissue that exists in the human body. Without using either heat or vibration and alleviating the possibility of cross-contamination, WaterLase emanates laser energy at 45,000 frames per second!

More notable advantages of opting for laser dentistry are the simple facts that cold sores will normally heal rapidly and without pain; gums can be restructured without cutting; cavities can be identified without searching or using anesthesia and drilling. Additionally, benign tumors can be eliminated from the mouth without stitches;teeth whitening can be achieved in considerably less time; acute sensitivity to hot and/or cold sensations can be abolished and sleep disorders, including apnea, can be cured by tapping into the miracle of laser dentistry.

With a plethora of laser dentistry applications available, it might just be the ideal method for you depending on your specific needs. By sitting down with a laser technology expert at Confident Smile Dental, we can determine whether laser dentistry is the correct solution for you.

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