Every tooth in your mouth contains an extremely miniscule space that’s called the root canal. This thin channel retains dental pulp, which is made of thousands of blood vessels and nerves. If the pulp contracts a disease or dies altogether, it can cause a toothache or even worse, an abscess. In the old days, most dentists would simply elect extraction and pull the tooth without little hesitation. But in today’s world of dental care, modern root canal therapy is accessible, affordable and achieves exemplary results for patients of all ages. Root canal therapy will reduce the painful symptoms associated with a toothache or an abscess almost immediately. By using both local anesthesias in conjunction with today’s leading prescribed painkillers, it’s as close to a pain-free experience as you’ll ever encounter.

Bacteria from the human mouth can quickly result in an immense predicament once root canal therapy has been performed. At this juncture in the process, it is necessary that any restoration work must effectively seal the root filling. Teeth that need root canal therapy generally have already experienced extensive damage and necessitate a crown to restore them precisely. These teeth have been undermined and the added fortification of a crown is required at this point.

If the root canal is professionally cleaned and completely sealed, and the tooth accurately restored, root canal therapy will normally have an exceedingly elevated success rate. With effective root canal therapy that is administered by the skilled dentists at Confident Smile Dental, you can eliminate pain and assure a good, healthy life for your teeth.

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